fluct is a leading sell-side
ad platform from Japan
We‘ll maximize ad revenue and lead to success your business goals
We work over 17,000 publishers in Global and supports by high-performance proprietary publisher solutions.
We manage over 10 billion impressions per month. We‘ll sell your ad impressions across every channel, every format in real-time.
We‘ve joined Dentsu Group in 2019.
We‘ll support earning a new brand campaign and drive your monetization worldwide.
We provide entire publisher solutions with deep knowledge of digital publisher monetization.
fluct SSP
Maximize your ad revenue and grow user experience with our rich-media solutions with publishers in mind. Leverage our proprietary RTB technology and earn global big demands.
fluct is one of the biggest Google certified partners in the world. We‘ll deliver professional services and give you answers on how to implement Google‘s enterprise publisher solutions to your business.
Give you full transparency performance data at once. DATA STRAP will collect and aggregate revenue data across several ad platforms automatically and visualize them with beautiful graphs or table chats.
Open Bidding
fluct is one of trusted third-party exchanges by Google to compete for your inventory in a single auction with real-time, server-to-server bidding.

Open Bidding enables demand partners to compete in a real-time auction to bid your ad requests.

This helps ensure you‘re getting the highest bid for your impressions.

Increased in CPM average
Increased in CPM maximum
Supported formats: Desktop / Mobile web / Mobile App / Video(In-stream,Out-stream,Rewarded video) / Native
Introduce part of our demand and exchange partners which are leading to the success of your inventory monetization.
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